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Why outsourcing is a better option than hiring

A bunch of activities need to be done for a start-up. Founders need to take care of business, finance, logistics, warehousing and a dozen other things. More importantly, a lot of these activities come in packets.

For example, there will be a period where you have lots of work in finance but then you don’t have anything to do for next few days. For some weeks, there might be lots of work in graphic designing but again there is a gap of a few weeks. How do you tackle hiring for these roles? Should you hire a full-time resource who would work for few days and then doze off in your office as he has nothing better to do? Or is there a better way to sort this issue?

The answer is ‘outsource’! Why unnecessarily hire full-time employees for part-time? People who will get your outsourced project will work more efficiently as you are getting to choose the best of the experts across geographical borders. These guys would have loads of experience in dealing with freelance projects such as yours and would know the importance of deadlines because that’s how they earn their bread.
Another important reason why you should consider outsourcing is because a lot of activities that you might be doing in your start-up might just be killing your crucial time. You might be better off doing more productive and more constructive tasks. All the smaller, time-consuming activities should be outsourced. Even if you have to pay the person, consider the cost of the time that you would be spending doing that task yourself.

For example, say an X task takes you six hours to complete. Also imagine that in those six hours you could be doing something better and making ` 5,000. Wouldn’t you be better off paying someone ` 1,000 to do it, so that you can focus on building more wealth?
The last reason, is that you will save a lot on infrastructure and technology and you can start your business in no time. Consider you want to get certain video animations done for your start-up. Now if you were to hire an employee to do it, he would demand a computer with higher specifications (that would cost you a bomb) and would also ask for many tools and software that would again add to the costs. Is it not better to invest a much less sum in someone who already has all these tools and a system for this job. As long as your work gets done on time, I don’t think it should matter if the employee is sitting beside or across the national border.

To summarise, I would ask you to consider outsourcing a lot of your tasks to free up your bandwidth, save costs and increases productivity.

Article source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/opinions/2017/feb/16/why-outsourcing-is-a-better-option-than-hiring-1571017.html

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