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Taranaki DHB Takes Unnecessary Risk Outsourcing Laboratory

Media Release

New Zealand Medical
Labratory Workers Union

13 December

Taranaki DHB Takes Unnecessary Risk
Outsourcing Laboratory

The NZ Medical Laboratory
Workers Union (NZMLWU) is concerned at the process being
used by Taranaki DHB in its recently announced decision to
outsource (contract out) laboratory services for the
Hospital and Community sector in Taranaki.

NZMLWU is the
union representing Medical Laboratory workers throughout NZ
and is well versed in both the process and issues
surrounding the contracting of medical laboratory services.
“Taranaki DHB has taken the unusual step of deciding to
outsource to a single laboratory provider whilst
simultaneously naming a preferred provider without any prior
testing of the marketplace,” says David Munro, advocate
for the NZMLWU.

“In our experience, to name a preferred
provider so early in the process and without at the very
least seeking any expressions of interest (EOI) is
unprecedented in NZ when the outsourcing is a new

“NZMLWU wants to ensure whatever arrangement
is decided is robust and sustainable to avoid the risk of
losing our highly skilled medical laboratory scientists and
technicians to the detriment of the health sector and the
patients we serve,” says Mr Munro. “Over 90% of all
patients require medical laboratory testing in their
diagnosis, treatment and care. To put this essential
component of healthcare at risk would be

This is not the first time Taranaki DHB has
contracted out clinical support services. In the 1990s
Taranaki DHB contracted Laboratory Services to St John of
God, an arrangement that subsequently failed and required
services to be brought back into the DHB, and more recently
the outsourcing of radiology services proved a failure and
likewise had to be taken back under Taranaki DHB

“Given TDHB’s poor track record with
outsourcing we are particularly mindful to ensure the
process they use is above board and stands up to such tests
as the Public Finance Act,” says Mr Munro.

asked for further information from TDHB regarding the basis
of their decision making to date, as well as the process

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