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  • Return the Bardsey Crown - Royston

    This is a take on the recent arguments in Wales for the Return of the Barsey Crown to Wales - it is currently kept in the maritime Museum in Liverpool

  • America discovered by Welsh Columbus Day now known to be a sham - admin

    As is well known by our American cousins Prince Madog ap Owain Gwynedd heir of Owain discovered America around the year 1200 some 300 years before Columbus and founded a colony near to Alabama (although the exact location of the earlier settlements is in dispute some claiming Tennessee a more likely location).

  • Campaign to get Red Lady of Paviland returned to Wales - Royston

    As RoyMogg readers will be aware the 'Red-Lady of Paviland' currently resides in a box in Oxford and is the subject of action to attempt the repatriate the red-lady (actually red-bloke cos it is man!) to the land of origin Wales. The Red-Lady actually a red-ochre stained body of a man, is one of the earliest known Palaeolithic burials in the UK and quite rightly belongs as part of the heritage of the Welsh being an example of early occupation of this land some 25 to 26 thousand years ago.

  • The Deathly GM Crops and The Half-Wit Prince - Royston

    Prince Charles of the UK has no job to speak of but speak he does on various issues of the day with little or no regards for the fact he has no idea what he is about.

  • A recollection of a wonderful moment – the Queen and I - Royston

    So it is that time when all the country (well except for Prince Charles I guess who must be fed up of waiting for the top job) celebrate the Jubilee of our Madge. It is as if the entire UK population, to the bemusement of foreigners and Americans, like lemmings lose their collective mind and gad around like halfwits joyfully tugging their forelocks and bathing in the aura of someone who has not done a hands turn in 86 years. Anyhoo I actually missed the last one miserable git that I am and have planned to escape to the country for a nice long weekend for this one as well.

  • Clueless in London - Royston

    Why is it that when the slightest things goes wrong with the signals (usually at London Bridge) passengers (with the exception of me) and Bob Crows army run around like chickens with their head cut off having no clue what is happening. Your truly bowls up to see a MASS of people staring skyward (no not at some apparition of the second coming) but at blank timetables and listening to garbled messages informing the masses that Gordon Brown is the second coming (no that’s not it I meant what we are supposed to do where we should go to catch a train).

  • The Banking Crisis of 1825 - Royston
  • Let’s ban reckless politicians as well as reckless bankers - admin

    Some years ago I was sitting in the accountancy module B212 'window dressing and off balance sheet techniques' during my Masters course when the lecturer at the time piped up that one of the biggest fears in finance was the fact that mortgages were lent long whilst money was saved or acquired from the market short. In principle short money can be called for very quickly whilst paying back a mortgage on demand is impossible. A interesting discussion took place as we considered the possibilities of savers suddenly loosing confidence and withdrawing funds to stuff under the mattress or inter-bank lending suddenly drying up. And the fact that as mortgagees we would be unable to pay our loans on demand loans so all chaos could result. We also in passing have a quaint notion that the money in the bank is actually ours to call on on demand - look to how Cyprus handled their depositors!

  • Christmas Spirit alive and well in East Grinstead - Royston

    It's that time of year again when itinerant panhandlers (i.e. carol singers) appear on my door-step attempting to sing a few strangled verses of some long forgotten carol before being sent away with a flea in their ear and a recommendation for a few singing lessons by yours truly. Last year some group of lads came around and made a vague attempt at Silent Night (oh I wish it was when they started).

  • Should Sharia Law be included as part of Common Law? - Royston

    A bit of controversy last week over the Very Reverend Sheik Rowan Atkinson (yes the ecclesiastical comedian) the mad Mullah of Lambeth (AKA the Archbishop of Canterbury or ABC as he is know to his dwindling flock) and his pronouncements about the incorporation of Sharia law into UK society - he didn’t really say this but its good to ham it up.

  • Meet the Southern Rail Managers - Royston

    I was in the first class cabin of yer Southern Rail for the daily commute idly glancing through an article ref David Attenbore and his long career of wildlife programming when over the Tannoy our Guard pipes up - "Ladies and Gentlemen I thought I would let you know that today is 'meet the managers day' hoorah! and starting at 0730 at London Bridge Southern Rail have arranged some victims to talk to you about your experiences with the service". "If you have any difficulty with finding them just ask one of the station staff (AKA Bob Crows Army) and we will point them out for you - however they should be easy to spot as they will be the guys quaking in their boots somewhere close to the front of the station - enjoy!!".

  • World Toilet Day Celebrations in Chipping Norton - Royston
  • Cloning and Stem cell research on the edge of morality - Royston

    I still see we are being prepared and softened up to allow scientists to come what may, carry out whatever experiments they see fit, probably up to and including cloning (eventually). We have over the last few weeks seen a procession of worthies come out of the woodwork to challenge the 'naysayers' and 'latter day Luddites' who are daring to raise a yellow card by suggesting we should place some limits on what science is allowed to do. Now it surprises me that this is not raising more fuss from the likes of Greenpeace and other environmental groups who are quite willing to raise the roof over a few GM carrots but seem disinterested in this far wider issue.

  • It is time for a republic and the UK to grow up - Royston

    As a result of the English Civil war all three episodes (1642-1651) we managed to lead the European world at that time by getting rid of the Monarchy and replace it with the rudiments of a republican democracy. Unfortunately a few years later in 1660 we let Charles the 2nd back from exile and started the Royal merry-go-round again which continues to this day with the clear threat of another Charles ascending to the throne probably in not so many years - but gives us the opportunity at least to finish the whole thing off with another Charlie.

  • The landrover Diaries - the story of breakdowns - Royston

    Breakdown on M26 with 'teas up' and no coolant and three separate parties: the breakdown man, the cops and the little man from the Crawley garage add to my woes by confirming my worst fears about my foray into Discos with lots of epithets about crap cars, unreliability and won't touch that with a barge pole etc.

  • NHS Fail Again in Heath Care - no wonder the Americans want nothing to do with this approach - Royston

    So we see again in the press that too many hospitals in England are falling short in the most basic care they are giving elderly patients. The Care Quality Commission carried out unannounced visits at 100 hospitals to assess dignity and nutrition standards and identified concerns in 55 cases, describing the findings as "alarming".

  • Man thrown onto tracks at London Bridge Station - Royston

    Ever wanted to know the full details of an audit recently carried out on one of your competitors in the Crawley area - Its easy take the train - and listen to the person carrying out said audit - which I assume was confidential - broadcast the entire results to a full train load of passengers by shouting into his mobile - this time on the Three Bridges to Victoria service last week (incidentally the company failed the audit).

  • Top Ten Woody Allen Quotes - Royston

    1. "Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.". 2. "I believe there is something out there watching us. (Unfortunately, it's the government) 3. "There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?"

  • How can we judge if Euthanasia is morally right? - Elizabeth

    I saw a program the other day on British TV about people traveling to Switzerland to end their lives. Personally I believe we live in dignity and dying with dignity is simply not possible and before that time of confusion and fear comes one must live authentically, in the moment, and act morally as far as we are able. However the plight of those who feel the need to travel to a foreign land, to a grubby garage, and to choke down a poison drink to end their lives struck me as an issue we should think about from a moral perspective.

  • Royal Family granted new right of secrecy - admin
  • Bonfire of the quangos is damp squib say MPs - admin
  • Teenager fined £150 for feet on seats - admin
  • Why get a car when you can get a Landrover and meet interesting people on the motorway hardshoulder - Royston

    I expect most people associate Land Rovers with a robust off road vehicle capable of navigating the Sahara desert (see Ice Cold in Alice) or scaling the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro on a single tank of petrol. Robust rugged and ready for any off-road experience. Well the reality is other-wise and my experience of Land Rovers (specifically the series TD5) has shown them quite incapable of getting out of our gravel drive without conking out.

  • Is voluntary euthanasia an absolute or relative moral question? - Elizabeth

    Relative morality refers to an ethical code that is dependent upon the situation in question and peoples varied beliefs and cultures. It allows maxims that do not have to be made universally true, unlike those within absolute morality. Whilst ethical theories such as Natural Law and most Christian Ethics (and other religions derived from Judaism) are often absolute, with universal laws, Situation Ethics, and in particular Act Utilitarianism, tend more towards the relative end of the scale.

  • Towards Greener Environment by Anand Wadadekar & Monika Bhardwaj - roymogg

    Environmental management is not merely managing the environment but it's the management of human interaction with; and impact upon the environment in order to conserve the environment for mankind's sake. Managing environment is the biggest issue these days which is being faced by everyone everywhere across the globe. Initially, the Environmental Law was perceived as one of the most important tools of environmental management. However, Protection of environment from degradation has now not just remained a legal issue but a management issue as well.

  • What is sustainable development? - roymogg

    Brundtland Commission report published 'Our Common Future, was published by Oxford 'University Press in 1987defined the differences between sustainability and sustainable development:

  • The Anti-Blackberry Movement - Royston

    A blackberry or iphone is one of those possessions, a fashion accessory, that say's more about the social aspirations of the owner than in the supposed work ethic they are trying to project. Like a platinum American Express card that offers little extra benefit compared to the 'ordinary' green version other than the ownership and the symbolic of display of the card that announces: 'I am a big shot'.

  • England fail again and now the search for the scapegoat is on - Royston

    I am on my way to the trichologist today to see if there is any chance of sticking my hair back into the bald patches that resulted when I started pulling out my hair in frustration at eleven half-witted over paid Muppets again dismally failing at the World Cup. Yup this is one of those England dismal failure rants again. In passing did you know that a player such as Wayne Rooney is paid five centuries (500 years!!!) worth of the national minimum wage a year for this claptrap.

  • A day in the life of a stressed out House-Person - roymogg

    I was there doing the washing up - yes I know this is unheard off - when that black and white idiot of a dog of ours starts the hound of the Baskervilles impression and begins to bark the bloody place down. I don't know what it is with Border Collies but they spend most of their day looking at the entrance to the drive waiting for someone to turn up then proceed to bark their flipping heads off - she's turned postie into a nervous wreak I can tell you - and when they do get out they proceed to pee all over the visitor as a sign of submission.

  • Why burden students with more debt? - Royston

    I was a little annoyed by the recent call by the industry leaders and the Conservative policy of selling the student loan book which will mean in practice students paying the equivalent of a commercial rate of interest for their loans at University. Currently the rate of interest for a student loan is set at around the rate of inflation - so assuming inflation gets back to a more normal rate over the next few years the long term loan rate will settle at around 3 to 5%. Although this seems high it is the cheapest way to borrow money to pay for a course and in effect a student will be paying back at purchase power parity. The value of the money paid back is at the same purchase value at the money drawn now.

  • Renewable energy sources more imagined than real - Royston

    We are often attracted to renewable sources as there seems an almost unlimited amount of potential energy available if only we can get our hands on it. We often we hear of proponents of renewable sources coming up with fantastic pools of resource at high efficiencies that we can access at no (apparent) cost.

  • Facebook Pages vs. Profiles: Don’t Make the Wrong Choice if you are a business or church group - Royston

    If you use a Profile to represent yourself as a professional associated with a business or organization, you've got no worries. (Unless you maintain a second Facebook Profile for your personal life – that's against Facebook's rules, too.)If you ARE using a Facebook Profile against their Terms of Use, however, here's what you should do:

  • Ten Tips for Cross-cultural Success - roymogg

    When serving meals to people of other cultures, remember to consider religious restrictions (Muslims and Jews do not eat pork; Hindus do not eat beef; and various denominations of Christianity and Islam do not drink alcohol). If you are the person with a religious or dietary restriction, simply explain that fact to your host while noting that you have no objection to others partaking the particular food or drink.

  • Planning a Green Christmas - roymogg

    The song tells of a white Christmas, but that refers to the weather and the Christmasy atmosphere that snow can bring. Planning for a green Christmas is all about being environmentally active and aware while saving money as well. In times of economic uncertainty that must surely be a good thing. And of course, if the weather brings a little bit of white covering too, then that makes a green Christmas perfect!

  • Five Obstacles to Intercultural Communication and Understanding: - roymogg

    LANGUAGE – Vocabulary, syntax, idioms, slang and dialects all cause difficulty, but the person struggling with a different language is at least aware when he/she is in difficulty. A more pronounced problem occurs when he/she thinks he/she understands. The person clings to the meaning of a word or phrase in the new language, regardless of connotation or context. The infinite variations are so impossible to cope with that they are brushed aside.

  • Recent Archaeological research shows football invented in Wales - Royston

    It is often not appreciated that Football was invented in Wales this article aims to put this straight and pleads for more recognition of the long Welsh tradition in the arts, sport and politics.

  • Be critical and think about what people are really saying - Royston

    To a large extent in the academic and business world things move forward by a thorough critique of the existing body of knowledge or by taking apart the position people take on a particular issue (usually in hindsight). Often very strong positions are held based on very shaky ground and expertise claimed based on little supporting evidence.

  • AskRoy.com How many bacteria in a doner kebab? - Royston

    Don't read this if you are of a nervous disposition or like doner kebabs

  • How many bacteria in a doner kebab? - admin

    Don't read this if you are of a nervous disposition or like doner kebabs

  • The Top 5 Prince Philip verbal Gaffs - more from the Prince of Cockups - Royston

    The number one Prince Philip Gaff demonstratuing his clear grasp of diplomatic language: "If it has got four legs and it is not a chair, if it has got two wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane, and if it swims and it is not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it." (at a 1986 World Wildlife Fund meeting)

  • Creating Confidence: A handbook for professionals working with young people' Centre for confidence and well-being - Stephanie

    Carol highlights how our society's increase in choice, mass media and individualism requires confidence to enable us to choose and do well. Yet there seem to be many misunderstandings about how to develop confidence, and even what we mean by it.

  • The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson, (2006) Random House - Stephanie

    This book discusses how new technology and the increasing connectivity of the web brings unlimited access to both culture and content. The focus is on the economics of business in our wired world.

  • Outsourcing and Human Resource Management: An International Survey (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia): An International Survey - Stephanie

    Outsourcing is an increasingly popular strategy deployed by a variety of institutions, including banks, multinational companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This book assesses the problems and solutions for those attempting to outsource through an analysis of human resource management, insourcing, lifecycles of the project, insurance requirements, operational management and recruitment

  • Book Review of Outsourcing and Human Resource Management by Ruth Taplin editor - Stephanie

    This book was reviewed on the BizFace forum - I was one of the contributors for a chapter on the people lifecycle

  • Companies using only online applications may be guilty of age discrimination by excluding those unable to access the internet - Stephanie

    Companies who give job applicants the sole option of applying for a position through a standardised online form could find themselves challenged in a tribunal for being ageist.

  • Prince Charles treats us to more nonsense - Royston
  • Labour Party to clone Tony Blair before next election to ensure New Labour for Generations to come - Royston

    There is a great debate in the UK about cloning and other research that aims to stretch the limits of what is allowed by an ethical society. Most of the debate is posed in terms that service to defuse debate and restate the authority of those in charge of the country and the subordination of the greater mass of people to their will

  • City Spivs and Speculators get paid (off) for 'risk' taking - Royston

    The Credit Crunch in the UK is being used to divert attention from the incompetence of the management of the economy over the last ten years. Quick to claim credit in the good times politicians in the UK are running for cover and avoiding blame when the climate turns bad.

  • Gordon Brown UK Prime Minister re-launches again and fails - Royston

    Gordon Brown tries to convince skeptical voters he is the man for the job

  • Osmophobia infects Southern Rail - Royston

    Sitting in a train coach in comes someone with an enormous Doner Kebak - how many million bacteria do you think he is eating?