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Grading our 2016 IT outsourcing predictions | CIO

Earlier this year, CIO.com and its outsourcing experts made several bold (and a few slightly less daring) predictions for IT services in 2016. We suggested that this year, IT organizations would operationalize their vendor management approaches. (Not exactly.) We said that security would be top of mind, and integration challenges would increase. (It was, and they did.) And we envisaged the arrival of a faster, more flexible contracting process and a kinder, gentler vendor approach. (Neither, alas, came to pass.)

We revisited all of our prognostications from last year and found that while we were largely on the right track, some trends are taking longer to translate into lasting change than others. Half of our predictions were right on target, three were off base, and the remaining two were just beginning to take shape at year-end. As we pull together our forecast for 2017, here’s how all those 2016 predictions panned out.

Right on target

Security takes center stage

Top of mind from the boardroom to the break room and poised to become an even greater risk as telematics and the internet of things (IoT) technologies multiply, we thought that security would become a higher priority in third party contracting.

“This prediction was spot on,” says Christopher A. Seidl, partner and chair of the global business and technology sourcing group at Robins Kaplan. “This year, hackers got more creative and people were pointing the finger at vendors as the cause of some (but certainly not all) issues. Also, regulators got tougher this year.”

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