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How to find the right outsourcing partner for your business


Check the company background of your potential outsourcing partner. This will give you a better knowledge of its experience and track record. One effective way of doing it is by asking them to present samples of their previous and current clients and other references to check how they manage the business processes. You should also conduct a face-to-face meeting to know if they have enough understanding of your company’s workflows and business process requirements. By doing so, you can also ensure that they can carry out your business goals. How to find the right outsourcing partner for your business

Trondheim 2016 Gala Dinner


Euroma Trondheim 2016

A well known conference for an academic getaway is the Euroma conference. An annual event, where academics from around the world, including the UK, gather and discuss important matters around operations management. Included in this brain expanding event is a brain cell destroying gala dinner where some 500 or so Profs and Lecturers drink copious quantities of alcohol out of the sight of prying eyes of the university 🙂

Here is a short clip of the fantastic entertainment put on for the Gala dinner by our hosts. More on the actual content of the conference later.


Past England Manager Grahame Taylor

Grahame Taylor tries out a word processor

Here is a nice picture of Stephanie, one of our regular contributors, in an earlier reincarnation as a computer word processing sales manager. The football manager in the picture is Grahame Taylor England’s manager from 1990 to 1993 when he had a bit of a raw deal with a Dutch player scoring a killer goal after a dreadful foul (see here the story http://bbc.in/1QzjJNs). Anyhoo here is Grahame in happier times at Aston Villa.

Stephanie as sales manager at Philips


The creation of an effective internal website

A lot of money is invested by companies on implementing internal web sites, developing HR for the intranet to facilitate employee and management ‘self-service’. The aim is often to increase employee understanding of company goals and procedures and reduce workload on key personnel, enabling these personnel to become more strategic. Furthermore intranets can provide a greater degree of flexibility for individuals and groups as well as assist in the creation of a ‘learning organization’. However, despite the potential benefits to both the individual and the organization, utilization of these systems is generally low. So how can we get employees motivated to use self-service websites? The creation of an effective internal website

HM Treasury kick-starts the end of the government outsourcing mega-deal


HM Treasury has become one of the first Whitehall departments to formally signal its intent to break up its existing single-supplier outsourcing mega-deal. The department is inviting suppliers to provide feedback on its proposed new approach for sourcing IT – a model that is likely to be repeated for many of the major outsourcing deals that are due to expire in the next two years.

The new model is designed to make it easier for smaller IT suppliers to win government business, thereby reducing the hold of the “oligopoly” of large system integrators that dominate Whitehall IT. The Treasury is one of the smaller departments in IT terms, with just 1,235 users, but the principles of its proposed ICT 2015 programme reflect much of the thinking of the new digital strategy laid out by the Government Digital Service (GDS) and government chief technology officer (CTO) Liam Maxwell. “To ensure alignment with the current direction of government ICT, to encourage SME participation and to deliver efficiencies in its supply chain, the department intends to break up this single provider arrangement into a number of discrete contracts,” said the prior information notice published by the Treasury.

The new sourcing model will be based on a number of discrete “service towers”, operating under an over-arching managed IT services function. The towers, suggested by the Treasury, include core IT services such as business applications; hosting and delivery; wide area networks (WAN); and printing services. The Treasury is seeking feedback from the market on its proposed approach. “As this is a new operating model for government ICT, HM Treasury is proactively seeking feedback from the market on our proposed model. We intend to test with the market both our proposed operating model and the individual requirements and contracts. The objective of this exercise is HM Treasury kick-starts the end of the government outsourcing mega-deal