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Bonfire of the quangos is damp squib say MPs

I read a report in the British Newspaper the Telegraph about the abolishing of some  192 public bodies, including the Film Council, the Audit Commission and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.Unveiling the plans in October, Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, had told the house of commons that the aim was to restore accountability to large swathes of Government and as a side benefit save some money!

Now however MPs on the Public Administration select committee said much lauded “Bonfire of the Quangos” had been poorly run and that “it won’t deliver significant cost savings or improved accountability”. The cross-party committee suggested that the Tory pre-election promises about cutting “costly bureaucracy” of quangos was responsible for creating a falses expectation of high savings.

Seems to me that the commitee is missing the point although it may be possible to acheive some savings by getting rid of some of these bureacrats the main point is to get rid of these unaccountable job’s worths who do nothing more than provide a level of oppressive control  and provide jobs for political has beens and quangocrats. What is needed is to avoid the setting up of organisations that in many respects act as buffers between those who are ruled and the politicians. Those who set policy should be directly responsible and accountable for the implementation and not be able to fall back on blaming a quango to avoid any due blame for their own incompetence.

Bonfire of the quangos is damp squib, MPs say – Telegraph.

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