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Blue River and Eaton whitepaper looks at outsourcing in the alternative assets industry

Blue River Partners, together with Eaton Partners, have co-authored a whitepaper aimed at the alternative assets industry which examines the history and impact of the outsourcing trend on today’s market, and provides answers to questions frequently asked by managers.

The topics covered include: the history of outsourcing and the current market reality; evaluating whether to outsource or not, and how to choose a service provider; what can go wrong and if a company can outgrow outsourcing; if CFOs and/or CCOs are still necessary when associated functions are outsourced; and investor and regulatory responses to outsourcing.
“We obviously believe in the advantages of outsourcing, but we are also committed to making sure our industry peers find the best solutions for their individual needs,” says Michael Minces, president and co-founder of Blue River. “This whitepaper is intended to serve as a resource on the topic and continue to educate the industry on the options around outsourcing.”

Article source: http://www.hedgeweek.com/2017/03/24/249958/blue-river-and-eaton-whitepaper-looks-outsourcing-alternative-assets-industry

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