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Sainsbury’s outsources banking following £248m deal with Lloyds

Sainsbury’s outsources banking following £248m deal with Lloyds

Sainsbury’s Bank is embarking on a three-and-a-half year project to move its customers off the systems of Lloyds Banking Group following the retailer’s £248m acquisition of the bank’s 50% shareholding.

The project will see Sainsbury’s move from the Lloyds systems to off-the-shelf systems and services from FIS. Sainsbury’s Bank will provide customer call centre services in-house. Sainsbury’s Bank profits over the past 12 months increased 38% from £16m to £22m.

“The transition will involve the transfer of data from legacy Lloyds Banking Group systems to the latest generation banking platform,” Sainsbury’s said in a statement. “This platform will allow a greater degree of flexibility, enabling new product launches and facilitating a much improved digital offer to customers.”

Peter Griffiths, CEO at Sainsbury’s Bank, said: “Introducing [FIS] is a major step forward in our evolution as we become a wholly owned Bank. We are delighted to be

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Humour Goes Viral

Humour Turns E-Mail Viral

A study by Sharpe Partners, an interactive marketing agency, revealed that
89% of adult Internet users in America share content with others via e-mail.
This is excellent news for those companies who use self-propelling
word-of-mouse” e-mail techniques to sell their products.

The study generated some interesting results regarding the type of content
that is most often forwarded, as well. The most popular content is humorous

The second most popular category is news, followed by healthcare and medical
information, religious and spiritual material, games, business and personal
finance information and sports/hobbies. in that order. So it is easy to see
that humour is the best content for your viral e-mail campaign.

Cartoons, jokes and funny video clips are among the things that can be added
to an e-mail to insure that it will go viral. People will want to pass along
something that makes them laugh.

They are a lot more likely to hit the forward button and send your

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Five steps to effective outsourcing - Part One

The jury is still out as to whether outsourcing can deliver measurable business improvement and better-cost performance. Many outsource deals fail to live up to the grand promises made in the press releases and back sourcing or early closure of deals is becoming an increasing trend. Having said this there are key principals that if followed can greatly increase the chances of success of the whole

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Better than sex - US college students value self-esteem more than bodily pleasure

What does all this mean? Bushman’s team think the new results confirm that self-esteem is an essential human need, as claimed by humanistic psychology pioneer Abraham Maslow and others. ‘Overall, our findings shed new and interesting light on just how important it is for people to feel worthy and valuable,’ the researchers said. But their write-up is tinged with anxiety. Valuing self-esteem can encourage the pursuit of self-image goals, which they warned can lead to conflict with others. ‘Of course we should enjoy the good things in life, but not so much that we want them more than we like them,’ Bushman’s team concluded. ‘We do not want to become addicted to self-esteem or other rewards, or we will become “slaves” to them, to borrow the words of Fritz Perls [the founder of Gestalt

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The 10 Vital Webs Stats

Your web stats are an important collection of information regarding your site’s visitors, referrals, and other essential information.   This information is important to you because it can help you measure the success of your marketing campaign, determine where to improve your site and how to tweak your site for success!

Below are ten vital elements of your web stats and why you should study them.

1. Unique Visitors – This component will tell you exactly how many people have come to your website.  No matter how many pages this visitor clicks to, he is counted as one visitor.  You need to utilize this statistic to see if your traffic is improving over time or getting worse.  This will help you determine if you need to enhance your search engine rankings and other methods of getting traffic.

2. Location of Visitors – Knowing where your visitors are coming from is important because you can

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Creating separate databases and logins phpmyadmin on WAMP server

Now we have set up correctly creating separate logins for each application is very straightforward let’s assume I am going to create a local Wordpress instance on my local

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Creating a login screen in phpMyAdmin

When installing local applications on your laptop to run on WAMP server it is often useful to create separate databases and logins for the applications so you can keep things in order. There are several ways to do this but I thought I would set down a step by step process that dummies such as me could

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Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

Why to we put up with special treatment for this family living off the state – can’t we cap their housing benefit as well?

I read in the independent that it seems the Windsor Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles the Halfwit and assorted other royals who provide no discernable form of public benefit. Letters, emails and documents relating to the monarch, her heir and the second in line to the throne will no longer be disclosed even if they are in the public interest. This is a retrograde step as the Royal’s in the UK performs some sort of formal function at the public’s expense and in these hard times of cut backs could have done with some greater scrutiny not less.

These changes to the Freedom

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Bonfire of the quangos is damp squib say MPs

I read a report in the British Newspaper the Telegraph about the abolishing of some  192 public bodies, including the Film Council, the Audit Commission and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.Unveiling the plans in October, Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, had told the house of commons that the aim was to restore accountability to large swathes of Government and as a side benefit save some money!

Now however MPs on the Public Administration select committee said much lauded “Bonfire of the Quangos” had been poorly run and that “it won’t deliver significant cost savings or improved accountability”. The cross-party committee suggested that the Tory pre-election promises about cutting “costly bureaucracy” of quangos was responsible for creating a falses expectation of high savings.

Seems to me that the commitee is missing the point although it may be possible to acheive some savings by getting rid of some of these bureacrats the

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Teenager fined £150 for feet on seats

I don’t know if I am the only one who thinks this (you are ed.) but I was surprised when I read in the newspaper the other day that a teenager was miffed because she was pulled up for putting her feet on the seat on a train as ‘it was only for a minute’ (whatever). I do think perhaps that it is a little harsh to pull her before the beak and potentially fine her £150 – it is a hard knock for a teenager. But I find myself somewhat happy that someone has been pulled up for breaking the rules and rather than the inspector falling for a sorry etc line and letting her off. Sometimes you have to make the point and make an example. This same situation happened to me – I asked a girl ‘resting’ her feet on the seat next to me on the

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