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Airtasker job outsourcing site raises hourly rate after Unions NSW report

The job outsourcing website Airtasker has raised its recommended hourly rate after a report by Unions NSW revealed workers contracted through the site were earning below minimum wage.

Airtasker is an online platform where people advertise tasks they need done and potential workers pitch for the job.

The recent report found workers were receiving $17 an hour for jobs such as cleaning and gardening and only $14.45 an hour for office administration and research after Airtasker took its 15% fee.

Minimum wage in Australia is $17.70 per hour as of 1 July.

Airtasker has updated its recommended rates of pay by up to 45% so workers get $21.25 per hour for all tasks after the 15% fee.

Unions NSW says this is a positive step but the company still has other “alarming workplace breaches” including no superannuation, no workers’ compensation and no casual or leave loading.

“Websites such as Airtasker unpick 150 years of protest and agitation for decent conditions,” the secretary of Unions NSW, Mark Morey, said on Tuesday.

“It’s not only the workers directly engaged in gigs on Airtasker who are affected. By encouraging a race to the bottom, everyone suffers.

“As things presently stand, if someone slipped and cracked their head while performing a cleaning gig through Airtakser, they would have no entitlement to compensation.”

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/oct/18/airtasker-job-outsourcing-site-raises-hourly-rate-after-unions-nsw-report

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