Tools and Downloads

This is the tools and methods section of the RoyMoggBlog. Here you will find articles on methods and my research many of which will have examples and templates for you to download – I do this to share knowledge and generate new ideas from feedback – so if you have suggestions for improvement please reply (below) and I will see what I can do.

  • Doing a Feasibility Study - Royston

    The best way to find out whether your project is feasible is to complete a Feasibility Study. This process helps you gain confidence that the solution you need to build can be implemented on time and under budget. So here’s how to do it in 5 simple steps...

  • The Means-Ends Problem Solving Technique - Royston

    MEA (Means-Ends Analysis) is an a approach that puts together aspects of both forward and backward reasoning in that both the condition and action portions of rules are considered when we decide which rules to apply. The logic of the process takes into account the gap between the current situation and the desired goal – where we wish to get to and proposes actions in order to close the gap between the two.

  • The Project Audit Check List - Royston

    Project Audit – A check List The primary purpose of a project audit is to find the reasons for apparent failings in the project process, and answer: * What is the current state of the project * Is the project going to deliver something useful that meets requirements? * Is the technical approach being used still appropriate * Is the business case still valid? * Is the project organised in an effective way * Is the project context hindering or helping progress * Are industry standard project processes being followed * Is the project following industry best practice development methods? * What should be changed to improve the project focus?

  • SWOT Action Analysis a Work Shop Guide - Royston

    SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats) is a simple but surprisingly effective technique to assess an organisations positioning and begin the process of turning general ideas for market growth into actionable activities.

  • How to facilitate a successful meeting - a checklist - Royston

    Running a meeting is not an easy task; retaining control and keeping the team on task are important tricks of the successful facilitator - in this post I cover some of the key points for you as facilitator of a meeting to ensure you make this part of your consulting practice a success.